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  1. Grisoft has the domain for the download of the free version of AVG. They also have their free anti-spyware program there as well. crrj
  2. Hi, Python is good for many, many things. For graphics I belive there are GTK modules available for it. One minor little game that uses it as a scripting language is Civ IV. crrj
  3. Thanks. It's also the 20th anneversary of the Challenger disaster. crrj
  4. Efwis, You may want to do a kernel compile yourself anyway, you will end up with a kernel that's tweaked and optimized for your system. Download the source tarball or package, extract it to /usr/local/src/kernel/<kernelSourceDir> then stop by #besttechie and I'm sure there will be one or two of us around to talk you through the config and setup. crrj.
  5. crrj

    For Loop

    Shanenin, Basically what it is doing is using the value of the variable HOME. The braces keep the variable name seperate from the rest of the path to ensure that the shell doesn't treat the whole thing as the variable name. crrj.
  6. I have experienced a similar problem in Lookout, er outlook. I found what I had to do was go to task manager and look for the process sucking up the resources and kill it. Be careful what you kill though. CRRJ.
  7. It certainly seems that way sometimes. 2003 is a step backwards in terms of programmability. Also by now you'd think that they'd have the SQL a little closer to at least SQL 92.
  8. Try installing mIRC and / or XChat and see if you can connect to that. The server is channel: #besttechie IF you can connect with either of those it's a problem with the jave, if not then it's something else, but it will give us a starting point to trouble shoot the issue.
  9. TheTerrorist, do you have the lastest java virtual machine? Also, are there any other errors? You can also use an IRC client such as mIRC or XChat.
  10. IRC Junkie? Hey! I resemble that Remark! It is a good place to hang, come on in!
  11. Tymekiller, Try setting the DNS manually. From your post I'm guessing you're with Sympatico's DSL. Call Sympatico's so called tech support and ASK them for DNS server addresses. If you know someone else on Sympatico ask them to do an ipconfig /all from the command prompt to get the DNS server ip addresses. Or they can get it through their router's config pages, or IIRC, in the settings for their connection in Windows. Hope that helps. crrj
  12. True, there is the Open Office one, I haven't had a chance to mess with it, and as it's in beta I tend not to reccomend beta software unless I'm comfortable with the tech level of the person who's going to be using it. crrj
  13. Xandros is also a decent distro, my brother has been using it for a while and is quite happy with it. I also know of a few others who have given it good reviews / comments. I haven't had a spare machine to play with it on yet. wonder if my wife would object to my buying a new (used) box to play with it on....
  14. crrj

    Formula For Wpm

    To get seconds you'd need to multiply the minutes by 60 to get seconds, then use modulus 60 to get the number of seconds. Something like: seconds = (time * 60) % 60 minutes = int(time / 60) providing int rounds down, otherwise you may need to do a floor(time) to eliminate the decimal then minutes:seconds would be your output. Hope that helps.
  15. I would recommend against the database in works. What you need is a good relational database system, works is not relational, it's flat file. This means that every time a customer submits a repair they have to enter all their data into the system again making it very difficult to track their repair history etc. For quick and dirty, small database Access can do the job. For a little more power and a proper back end that's inexpensive, use MySQL or PostgreSQL, you can use Access as a front end to both of them through ODBC. The Windows version of Postgres seems pretty decent from what I've seen