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  1. Does anyone know what is needed to make MS Works Suite 2006 Task Launcer work to open MS Word when MS Office 2007 has been removed from the install - uninstall menu? I've tried it both ways- with and without the other MS Office related software installed, in case they were needed. I don't know if I need to remove something from MS Office program files or add something else from microsoft. As the Suite was installed I saw some reference to a Hot fix, but still no luck opening Word through the task launcher. The window says the program cannot be opened, may have been moved or deleted... The
  2. "Are you booting the computer with the recovery cd already in?" I tried turning the computer on with the recovery cd in, and also after it was on. Neither brought up a screen. "Is your computer set to boot from the cdrom before the hardrive?" This I don't know. Thanks for taking time to answer. I took it in to the tech, and there were just not enough files left to start Windows. The computer came with a small surge protector in the ac cord, and the surge light was red. I did several things at once, so it's hard to tell what happened...We had to reinstall Windows but saved documents to another
  3. Thanks, but not sure how to reinstall if the recovery cd inserted just spins for a few minutes, without anything on the screen...
  4. I did find this but don't know what to do with it: "The most common cause of this in a previously working machine is that the CMOS memory, which keeps your hardware and BIOS configuration settings, has lost its contents. That can happen due to anything from a power spike to errant software"
  5. Hello I've had a bad one. I tried to clean off a friends computer, and have had a bad crash. I have done some maintenance, cleaned the Registry (Reg Supreme, regular clean only), ran the machine through the MS registry cleaner, and did chk dsk... I know I rebooted after all that, because a reboot was neccessary to change the size of the font and icons. The last thing I did was to download a batch of MS updates... That was a few days ago, and the computer had been unplugged. There was a spark when I plugged it in tonite, at the ac surge protector, and I don't know if that has anything to d
  6. Hi there I'm not able to save my MS Works docs with the Task Launcher normally, or open them normally either. Whether I try to save or open a new doc with Works, it prompts that it can't, as the file may be deleted or moved. Up to four prompts appear, even though I only try to save or open once. All my older MS Works docs open/save normally. Despite the prompts, the documents are saved (to "my documents"), although after a series of prompts that it can't be OPENED. Instead of using the MS Works task launcher, I have to go to "my docs" to open them. In the past when this happened, I would go t
  7. Found it. I went to tools--->autocorrect--->options, and saw under REPLACE AS YOU TYPE: "internet paths with hyperlinks" I had tried tools--->Options with no luck. The box was already checked, so I unchecked and then checked it again, and all is well. The links light up with the happy blue and open to the web pages....kind of like a mini reboot for that switch...Funny that a reinstall didn't work to put it to a default functioning setting.... Thanks again Mark Ashwin
  8. Abiword processor seemed to have some good reviews, so I downloaded a free copy: It accepted images OK, but I was suprised when again, I could not create a blue web address link that would open a browser. I went back and reopened Open Office 2.0 and sure enough, as I typed the web addresses, they turned blue and opened a browser... I may just end up using OO.. I'll ask the support at Abisource if they know how to activate the blues.
  9. Thanks again Mark. No reply at the forum link above in the past day. I use the blue links so much, I may choose between updating to Works 8, Open Office, or just going with Word. Take Care Ashwin
  10. MS no longer supports Works 7. Nothing in the knowledge base.
  11. Also, I have Open Office installed, and it creates new docs with the active blue links. I've posted the question to MS. Thanks in advance if you have any ideas. Ashwin
  12. I reinstalled is Works 7....did not help. Ashwin
  13. Thanks for the link to MS Works, Mark. I will check it out. My existing (blue) links in Works still fire up the preferred browser (Sea Monkey). It cannot create new links that are able to be clicked on to open a browser. Web adresses won't turn blue, and are not active. I'll report back. Any other suggestions are welcome. Ashwin
  14. I'm using Opera 8+ and Sea Monkey and IE 6. I had the preference set to use Sea Monkey when the links were clicked on MS works. My FireFox has a "broken virus" in it somewhere- won't come out in an uninstall... I was avoiding IE 7 as the initial release was not user friendly for one of my web building software...I think they have it straightened out now.... If I understand where you are going with your suggestion- it would be to make sure the preferences are set, the browsers are available....Right?? THANK YOU!! I have to leave the computer for a few hours, and I'll do that asap. I think I ha
  15. Helllo In the past when I used MS Works, as I typed a web address (or e-mail address), it turned blue, and became "active", i.e., I could click on it and it opened a web browser to the web page. Also, I've been able to cut and paste a web address to a Works document, and it would be "active". I would have to place the cursor at the last letter, and hit the space bar to activate the link, but now this does not work.... I tried to look at the menu for Works,under options, but didn't see a way to make the links active. How can I get this feature back? Any help appreciated... Thanks Ashwin
  16. Hello Folks 1) Is daily scanning for spyware an important factor in the lifespan of a computer (in terms of adding "wear and tear" to the hard drive, etc...)? 2) Is a spyware scanning product that is a "resource hog", using constant surges of 80-90% CPU usage significantly more "wear and tear" on my computer than one with a light footprint? 3) Will scanning once a week (compared to once a day) significantly lengthen the lifetime of a computer??? I'm running SpyBot, Kaspersky AV with realtime monitor, AVG (the Ewido version- on demand only), AdAware, Spy Sweeper, Spy Blaster, Spyware Guard...
  17. Thanks to you both. TT 75: In the PAST I used SR the way you are and my restores got slower and slower, and eventually froze my entire hard drive- I had to reinstall windows. I'm not afraid to use it once, but there is some kind of limitation I don't know about... MARTY: I think you're saying it is OK to delete the 4-5 unused files, and since the program is uninstalled, I'll go into safe mode and see if I can find them. All the best--Ashwin
  18. Greetings I recentlly uninstalled a trial (bookmark) software, and multiple windows popped up stating that even though the shared files were not in use, uninstalling them might cause some programs not to work...I opted to not take off the shared files, and at the end of the uninstall, it said there were some parts of the uninstall which would have to be removed manually. One of the files was: SMTP.40.OCX I didn't write the others down ( I thought I was backing out of the entire uninstall by saying "no" to the prompt). The software was Alert Bookmarks. Would you recommend using system res
  19. Thanks Lamuskrat Mine is not once in a while - It is consistantly going down. I noticed I can no longer use the "new tab" function or "Tools-----Websearch" without the shutdown. Reboot doesn't help. Ashwin
  20. Greetings When I click on the Google window at the top of the Firefox browser, or try to type in a URL in the window on the top left of the page, the message "firefox exe has encountered a problem...have to close...sorry for the inconvenience" appears, and I have to reopen the browser to begin again. I can use the Google window in the center of the browser window ok, but cannot type in any new URL addresses in the top window on the left( sorry - don't know the proper name) or the Google window on the top right of the page. I recently downloaded a new Firefox update, but I'm not sure if this
  21. After the second download of the MS updates the MAS was able to access the internet for updates. Thanks screi Ashwin