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  1. Thanks Steve! Really appreciate everyone's input. I think I"ll go with the FK and add a ring light + gorilla pod. The accessories will be small enough to pocket in a coat and dance with. I would of gone with the D40 but I need it to be pocketable enough to not slow me down. Just sold my Toshiba Gigashot because it was ALMOST small enough to take around all the time. Sometimes I'd leave it in the car
  2. Hey hope you can help, I'm stuck between 3 cameras! I narrowed things down to Lumix DMC-FX35K DMC-LZ10K DMC-TZ5K Google lead me to your podcast as it turns out your recommends these cameras too. Now out of the three what should I pick? Most applications are night time club type events. Looking to also take video of night time performances. DMC-LZ10K Has most manual controls Cheapest DMC-TZ5K Shoots HD Most Zoom DMC-FX35K Highest Rated Lens I'm leaning to the one with most manual controls but video is very important to me to. Last camera - not sure how much the lens will make a differ