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  1. After every 15 minutes my computer stops working and say computer memory is full , and after 1 minute it starts reworking without any problem, and then again after 15 minutes ... Thanks
  2. The only reason for using linux is security.
  3. When i double click on files or folders , the files and folders are not opening , but when i click on menu bar that is single click it works . Thanks
  4. It may be a virus problem , so please use latest antivirus.
  5. When i double click the Shortcut to my computer , my computer does not open. anybody can help me.
  6. At present vista is a big problem , one day i was installing a drive test software in vista , and vista showed that software as virus .
  7. Hibernat option does not come when i shutdown the computer , i want to hibernate the computer instead of shutdown . Thanks
  8. Change the root directory , and run command from there
  9. we are two friends and we both have laptops , can anybody tell us how to connect two computers Thanks
  10. First uninstall your previous internet explorer , than install your IE7.
  11. whenever i start my computer , ms word automatically opens , anybody can help me for this
  12. This type of problem mainly occurs when your system does not have sufficient space for backups
  13. My system restart when i start the system , please help me for this problem