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  1. I do alredy know JavaScript (HTML, XHTML, and XML) Thanks for all the tips.
  2. I tryd to enter the original post "How To Make My Own Computer Code From Scratch." But for some reason it wont let me. to answer the last post on the subject. LutetiumScript is a alternative scripting language to JavaScript that I’m trying to program but I don’t know the script to do so could you give me some vague idea how to make it. (no step by step stuff because that’s not real programming if I have some one spoon feed it to me) Yes, Lutetium Script IS usually embedded directly into HTML pages. Please help
  3. Help! I don’t want a step by step instructions for this (not like you would give one to me) but I’m trying to make my own programming language so that if you type my new script on a html file it will recognize my command and do it (like Java, Html or C++) all I need is some vague idea how I would rite the code so my new program, "LutetiumScript", will work. And I will do the rest. Thanks....