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  1. Hey everyone I am doing a website for a none profit organization . This website is where people can go read and donate to a school in bonga. Here is what I want to ask. The basic website is going to be normal info and stuff but should I add a forum system I planned to add a blog. Next what would you want to see on a website like this? videos pictures ? Should we link a facebook , twitter , and other sites to it to help . We just have alot of questions for this site and we want to know what you all think we should do to this site to make it the best we can. If you want to stay up to date with
  2. OH cool Thank you for the link will come in handy.
  3. It's just to plain. I think it needs somthing more like detail or somthing. i'm not a artist I just think it could use more.
  4. I wouldn't let me so I just reinstalled works fine now. Thanks anyway
  5. Hey everyone I have a few cool themes on my website. But I really want to get into making a theme for my wordpress. I know I can code one but I want to know if there is any programs out there that will help me out with this. I have heard of some that cost a lot of money but I am looking for a free program that I can use . It just would save me a lot of time that I don't have . Please let me know of thing that you have heard of.
  6. Hello everyone I am slayer1927 I am the owner of I really need a logo for my site. I need one for the site that is any size since I am going to be basing the site look on the logo design. I really want a grim reaper or somthing with a linux reaper that has somthing to do with computer or tech that you think is cool. Our site is also looking for a full time graphic designer and graphic mode for when the forum is up again. Please let me know of anyone interested. We need new icons and logos for the site we could us the help.
  7. No on the laptop I just left that encase I want to install it later.
  8. I found out it was comcast we have them coming out tomorrow. I took it to my house connected right away no problems what so ever.
  9. Hello my friend asked me to come over and check his internet he has a dell desktop and a comast modem the computer is connected to the internet until you try to go to the ie or google chrome then it ask you to install the comcast software it then the program can't find the internet connection and the thing pops up network cable is unplugged . I have never seen anything like this . I can install the software is says without internet so im at a lose. I tried to turn the modem off and let it sit then I waited for a few minutes nothing happened. Should I reset it . Not sure what to do .
  10. I have added ubuntu 8 to my computer again. It is a laptop here are the specs hp pavillion dv6000 1gig ram 120 gig harddrive 1.8 intel processor . It's not a bad laptop but I installed it and I made it for 80 gigs for my linux file. But now When I go to update for download stuff it says i'm ot of space.I'm not sure what to do the hardrive only has 4 gigs taken up . I had this issue on a few installs i did before on my desktop just went back to windows. I need linux now to use more and get better with it . But I don't know what to do here HELP!!!!!!!!!
  11. I was able last night to get linux to install on it. I had to find a problem called boot and nuke . I put it in around a hour later the program had the harddrive working for the live version of linux nothing else. So I used the linux partition program to create a new partition and now it works. I have some issues to get over with the linux people that are simple. Thank you everyone for your time and help.
  12. Well the thing is I can't find anything to format it . I try to format it slow in windows it doesn't work i try fast in xp it works then messes up in the end. the optical drive is good. The harddrive passed the test . But I'm not sure what else to do any ideas.
  13. Hey everyone I'm having a big problem with a laptop of mine. I had linux installed on it and my gf was using it . Well it got a error and I couldn't get the os to work. So I tried to use ubcd to wipe the harddrive and do a fresh reinstall of linux or windows. Well It would not read the cd right it got al these errors and stuff that made me go crazy. So i tried to use ubuntu , xp ,vista, ubcd and none of them would work . The vista and xp could not find the hardrive. I changed the native sata setting to try that it worked before but this time it didn't I had this problem a year ago and the
  14. Yah i know but i know so many people that dont know crap about tech and they dont know where to go. So mines just a help site. Plus its my first post but i have talked to jeff and the othere leaders he before, Its just first forum post.
  15. Hey everyone my new website is finally up. We are still working on the look and forums but the structure is up and videos and info are there. is the site It is a site that offers help with all tech support from mac to windows and linux. We have a live stream and are partners at will be helping us making more videos and getting the site up fully. Right now we have some info about all kinds of things. Like mac and windows lots of reviews.The blog is down but will be up soon. The forums are up and open i will be on later to add post to it. Please come check o