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  1. Here's my suggestion. Knowing you have 2 laptops, most likely with an internal wireless card. I would go out and purchase a wireless router. Then Plug it into the internet connection you currently have. If you are unable to get that router connected to the internet, call your ISP. They may need to add the MAC address of the router, in order for it to connect.
  2. I know the new version of vmware fusion can detect you BootCamp partitions, but is there a way to do it the other way around. Have bootcamp recognize the vmware partitions. Any tips or tricks would be great.
  3. I would start first with a disk cleanup and a disk defragment. If you are using Win XP, those 2 tools are located under start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools Beware this may take a while if you haven't done it in while or ever. I would give it overnight. Then reboot for kicks and giggles.
  4. Have you verfied that it is not a problem with the actual audio file, and try to play it in a CD player, or another PC?
  5. Reply removed. Only recognized HijackThis experts may reply to those seeking help in this section of the forum. -TT75- mary, Please read the directions here: Spyware Removal Information and post a HijackThis log. Follow the directions exactly. Your problem is due to malware and will need to be taken care of properly. -TT75-