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  1. Hey jeff i just wanted to says that you are very cool and i have liked to watch you show every day. Your advices is very good and i like you videos =)
  2. hey i know that you know this but i how to post this on the forums. People says that vista slow and i find this when i was change my theme on vista. I taked of the windows vista aero and my computer was so fast when i taked it off. Now i use windows vista basic skin and i like it and my computer is faster. Ps. i am noobie with computer but i am gonna learn. and sorry for bad english
  3. thank you jeff for helped me on year 2007 and year 2008. thanks the webcam video it really helped me thanks jeff. i how to donate some money to you when i get moeny :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  4. jeff you are helped me a lot lot lot times i want to thank you for that ps. my nick is FinlandTim
  5. hey jeff i subcribe you youtube chanel. you have good videos i like you jeff. i hope i winn my youtube nick is :timmypeke or timipeke. =P jeff you are the best