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  1. Cool. Thanks for the advice. I will be sure to wait until after MacWorld. I have a feeling I'll decide on something then somehow get something else too. Either way, I can't toy!
  2. I've decided to get a Mac for my next computer, but I'm torn as to which one to get. I'm deciding between an iMac and a Macbook Pro. The iMac has better specs, but I'm not sure I want that huge monitor sitting on my desk (I plan to use a dual monitor system later and will purchase a 30"). It's also cheaper than the Macbook Pro. However, I like the portability of the Macbook Pro. It's just so much more expensive for lesser components. I configured a Macbook Pro and, at that price, I could just get a Mac Pro desktop system. So, this decision has been ongoing for a couple of months and I still ha
  3. I just learned about this site through the Pirillo live website. Looks like a great forum and I'll be sure to browse around - especially when I'm looking for help.