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  1. Alright, thank you Jeff. I want to embed the Chris in Dress video aswell. That will get some laughs. =P
  2. I upload a video to my Youtube account, and get the embed link, I post it in the "Code" tab, save, and look at my post, but the video doesn't seem to be there? Is it just not allowed?
  3. I use variable operator integer. I believe this stems from my days of Algebra, where we HAD to write our answers like X=4.
  4. Hey. I'm kinda new to mIRC (I was using ChatZilla addon to FireFox before, switched for the scripting function. =P) And I want to make a command that does "*Tomm dances with <random user>." I have it working, but, as you will see from my script below, I have to manually input the number of users. Is there a variable in mIRC which tells you the amount of users currently? My script: /randdance [b][color="red"]*Tomm dances with $nick(#,$r,$rand(0,300)) And yes, I've googled, and haven't come up with anything. ~Tomm
  5. Good idea, despite it's after Christmas. =P And I love this site. I especially enjoyed the "Jailbreak Your iPod Touch" video. I'm gonna jailbreak mine as soon as I get one. =P Oh, and buy a comb. Just saying. (Kidding!)