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  1. I really do not know what program. I just add documents and photos to the external hard drive. I just know that I do not add any huge amount of files, documents or photos to the external hard drive to warrant the loss of so many GB's. Somed days I don't add anything to the backup external hard drive and yet that hard drive will lose 1/2 GB, etc. Perhaps I should download that 'echo' mode program and see if that makes a difference in the amount of GB's I lose?
  2. Hi, I have a Western Digital External Hard Drive and the Gigabytes are diminishing quickly. It is a 300 GB drive and is currently down to 92GB My question is that I figure that it does backups regularly (each day) onto the External drive thus reducing the GB's. Can anyone tell me how to find out where the backups are listed so I can go into that folder or where ever they land and delete them thus freeing space in the hard drive? I don't believe I need to keep a copy of the backup each time my computer calls for one. If I am wrong in this assumption, the would someone please correct me an
  3. Exactly---thanks JSKY, appreciate all the help from all of you. Have a good day and this forum is the best---get it?
  4. Hi, when I click on the Command Prompt in Windows Vista Home Premium I get the following: (C:\Users|Jerry>) without the parentheses. I then enter this command : Cdimage.exe -lVISTA_EN_DVD -m -u2 -bC:\Vista\boot\ C:\Vista\ C:\Vistax86.iso I then get this message: CDImage.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file. Here are the instuctions I was given to accomplish the above command: 4. Download CDimage 2.52. 5. Extract CDimage from to the C:\ root directory. 6. Open a command prompt shell, and run the following command:
  5. My name is Jer and I approve of your messsage. You are the Best!
  6. Thanks guys, that is what I thought originally but then I also thought my computer may be messed up. Thanks for the input and clarification.
  7. Hi and I am wondering if G4 Tech support is frozen in time. I go there frequently and it seems as though the last three days or so, the message board is frozen on Feb 1? Has anybody else experienced this problem? If so, does anyone know the reason? If you do not have this problem, then can anyone tell me why each time I open the Tech support web page, I am stuck with the Feb 1 last message and none since then? This happens whether I use Netscape as my Browser or Internet Explorer. I have no clue as I can go to this web page and any other web page on the Internet and have no problem. If a
  8. Thanks JSKYs for that info. It is exactly what I was looking for. I don't want to sound dumb but I never looked down that far. I just clicked on the reply in the original message and thought that is all I neede to do. Thanks again.---Jer
  9. I have been trying to a message I posted today and for the life of me, cannot find the directions to do so. Any help out there, I want to thank those who answered my post. Thanks.
  10. Hi and I would like to know a program or programs that can help me eliminate some of the processes that are currently running on my computer when I boot it up. I have something like 37 processes and I realize that those are not all necessary and at one time, I had a program or application that suggested which ones were necessary on boot up and those that were not. If any of you know the link to a program or programs that accomplish what I am asking, please give me the name or a link to that program Thanks in advance for any help or answers given.