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  1. According to McAfee, my system has fallen prey to a trojan that gives fake virus alerts. I've located the file in my system folders but receive the following message when I attempt to delete the file: Error deleting file folder Cannot delete moywh: Access denied This is also the cause of a shortcut in my taskbar that I cannot delete. Has anyone come up against this particular issue and if so, what is the best method of riding my system of it? It has been hiding out since 1/18/07. Thanks for any assistance, Yolanda
  2. I have one other problem that I would like assistance with. I can't get rid of the shortcut to this link in my taskbar. http://www.virprotect.com/?aff=1012 I have attempted to uninstall it but it doesnt appear in the list of programs. Any suggestions? Also, this link was inadvertantly accessed while my machine was without antivirus protection, could this be negatively affecting my system?
  3. Hi, I was also experiencing problems with IE Tools and IE Safety Features. I followed your instructions and was successful in finally removing them from my system. I'm attaching the ComboFix log. that was populated after my scan was completed. I didn't know how I was going to get rid of it. Thanks, Yolanda ************************************************************************** ComboFix_Log.txt