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  1. Well I am still looking for a host. I don't want to rush I want to take my sweet quality time to get this website up and my videos and stuff. I want to make it so people will be attracted to it which means I will also have to advertise some and refer.
  2. Ok, I just went to and found that looked very nice it came with Wordpress Installed and you get a free Domain Name (I dont have one so its good) What do you think Ryan? EDDDIIITTTT: Wait NVM you have to sign up for 3 months + a $30 setup fee
  3. Thanks but I am still looking for someone to design my blog oh and rmurphy do you know of any good Host Places BESIDES Godaddy and Dreamhost?
  4. Hey everyone! I have been hoping for some while now to open my own blog website up and I don't mean like Free blog I mean a real blog. I need someone who knows well how to design a website and that has experience in HTML or PHP or Flash. Unless you are willing to charge the same for a flash site rather than a HTML site I want to stick with basic HTML for now. Also if anyone knows how to get a cheap forum that you can design please post that too. I want to do something like this guys then once I have gotten a few constant viewers
  5. So I am receiving my new iMac this Tuesday and I was wondering if any of you had any Tips or Tricks or things to tell me to be aware of about the iMac so I don't do something stupid and mess up the entire computer. SPECS OF THE IMAC 24" 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme 2 GB of RAM 500 GB ATA Hard Drive SuperDrive 8X(DVD+R DL/DVD+RW) Final Cut Express preinstalled NO MODEM Apple wireless Mighty Mouse WIRED KYBRD & MAC OS X KIT COUNTRY KIT --------------ALSO---------------- Do all the iMac's come with the little controller thing that opens up that front row thingy? If you already couldn't tell.