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  1. Are you using the No Script extension? I have to click the No Script icon in my bar and have it allow the site to play Flash.
  2. Hi Marty, did you run it in safe mode? You can get a new copy here and try to re-install it. Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition 1.06 these are the requirements for Ad Aware
  3. Marty I thought you told me once your son was in Boston (for a band or something)? I remember telling you I lived an hour north.
  4. You're welcome Liz. Yes you can install it regardless of wether or not you have their firewall or anti virus; it is a stand alone add on for IE and Firefox. I hear they are working on it for Opera. I put this on every computer I work on all over the place. It helps my businesses stay away from crap sites; thus in turn saving me work fixing malware.
  5. Do you have another computer you can take the NIC card out of? Try to swap it into the computer that doesn't seem to be working. This will let you know right away if you have a bad NIC.
  6. I've been so busy with life, or mainly trying to keep a quality of it and now I need a drink. TT just mainline my vein to the keg please.
  7. Hi Marty, I just searched for on Google and with McAfee Site Advisor the first bunch of hits are all highlighted in red. Red is bad from Site Advisor and when I mouseover the link it shows there are XX amount of bad downloads on that site. One of the hits had 138 bad downloads with it! I highly suggest downloading this small browser add on for IE and Firefox only at this time. When you search with Google, Yahoo! or MSN, SiteAdvisor's safety ratings appear next to search results. As you browse, a small button on your browser toolbar changes color based on SiteAdvisor's safety re
  8. Marsh you changed your username. You are not banned. You did not read the PMs I sent to you when I was taking care of suppyall. In the PM I told you I moved the thread to our hidden trash forum so I could keep it from becoming archived and at the same time preserve the posts where suppy incriminated himself. Pulling it off Tech Support IS the best thing to do for this situation. Now look at the screenshot below:
  9. mlegg510


    Hi Lt. Dave It's good to see you online again. I was wondering about you also. I haven't been online a lot lately due to medical issues too but most of it's behind me now. You have my email so if you need drop me a line there. take care Mike
  10. I just came upon this thread in Tech Support now. Most of you who have been on G4 and back to when we were Tech TV should know who Antonio is. I haven't seen from him in a while and thought it was odd since he used to send me a few messages a week to shoot the shit. Sadly his wife of over 50 years just died, and they were friends since the age of 6!!! If you know him please visit the thread I linked and give him some kind words. from pro1driver to all my "cyber friends" thanks a lot Mike If you are having "troubles" with your account send me a PM here, or have someone there send me a PM
  11. mlegg510

    Virus Outbreak

    Look at that date of Feb 7th Invitation Virus = HOAX from similar proof from Hoax-Slayer
  12. it would be a good addition and cool to see other mods from people
  13. I was unaware of the beta, I will install it on one of my machines later and let you know how it goes.
  14. now that you mention travel TT , I think the last time I was talking with him he did mention something about that probably cuz the house stuff was driving him nuts, and I was hoping I didn't copy his phone wrong last time, but since you found disconnected I must have had his right #. Now time to track down Marsh and see what he knows.
  15. Sceeter EDIT your pic to erase your MS # !!! I love the Toshiba laptops, I am on my 3rd one now, and man they can take a beating accidentallly of course not on purpose
  16. Pete, his real name is Gary. Marsh gave me his phone # a few weeks ago, but it was disconnected. Marsh thinks probably due to the new house and all the problems there. I will look into his profile and send it to you Chappy in a PM here. Mainly as I do not like puttin an email on a forum board. From his profile at G4: Last Visited On: Saturday November 19, 2005 5:01 PM take care all Mike
  17. Dragon, the IPs from there are also part of a Fixwareout and should have this tool run on it as well as getting rid of the lines. Save it to your desktop and run it. Click Next, then Install, then make sure "Run fixit" is checked and click Finish. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. The fix will begin; follow the prompts. You will be asked to reboot your computer; please do so. Your system may take longer than usual to load; this is normal. When your system reboots, follow the prompts. Afterwards, HijackThis will launch(If it doesn't, run i
  18. Dragon I have been seeing a ton of those IPs in logs from the Ukraine lately, and on a few forums I mod or admin I can clearly see they are US residents. Ask Chappy or BT to look at falcon's IP to locate where he is at, but doubtful is from Belargus Ukraine.
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    Hi Marty, Fae was invited to that place and only posted a few times at the beginning. Really the Dungeon is just a small private forum for a few of us to get away from G4 and talk. It is nice to see Pete back at G4 and all the damn crybabies leaving now too. Though we still have a plenty of young and dumb know it alls. Hi Chappy!
  20. Look, I do not like the rules as they changed 6 months ago or so at all. The admins have changed a lot of views on what we are to do there. Most of the mods still there do ask around to other mods, Sr mods or admins what to do in any given situation. Some need that as they cannot seem to think on their own anyways, I will not mention names as I am better than that, but I know Pete and Chappy can read my mind. I am sort of a renegade and pay little mind to what the admins want us to be like now, and it is one major reason when they promoted most mods to Sr status that I was overpassed. I never
  21. You can open ports with the Windows firewall that came with SP2. how to manually open ports with Windows firewall Understanding Windows firewall I rarely see a reason anyone would need to run a 3rd party firewall in Windows. Windows firewall is more than sufficient as a host centric firewall for most users.
  22. I have had Comcast for years now. Though I do not rarely use the web based way of grabbing my email unless I am on the road. I have my Outlook set up with anyone in my Contacts gets sent to inbox, anyone not gets sent to Junkmail folder. I look regularly to see if anything I need is there. Comcast is not too good on the junkmail issue.
  23. Steve is that one of them backwoods Canadian all in one firewall.antivirus programs?
  24. Hey Pete, I think you have spent as much time as me in the hospital to know all this stuff! One thing with echinacea a lot of people are unaware of is that if you have a comprosmised immune system or an auto immune disease then the effects of it backfire. It can make you sicker. I found this out the 1st yr I was diagnosed with MS and I had this cold coming on. I took a load of the echinacea and vitamin C and had the cold for a month! It ended up turning into walking pneumonia. So my neurologist says why did you take it.... How the heck am I spose to know what to do or not do after this guy jus
  25. Jen if you want find me on AIM sometime and we can talk about it. They are right by not wanting info to just get out and can possibly be abused.