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  1. Wow, thanks for giving us this opportunity! Besttechie is and has been (for me) an informative, friendly community. Providing good support to end-users having difficulties and touching on important subjects such as PC Maintainence and reviews of hardware and web applications in video form. Keep up the good work and best of luck to everyone participating! Simon (shaggysi0)
  2. Hey there Mike, I'm pretty sure that Norton Ghost will do that job for you. I had a rather large image of one of my machines that spanned multiple DVDs, and that program enabled me to do that. Hope this helps, Regards Simon.
  3. I would recommend the GParted LiveCD. I downloaded it a couple of months ago and I find it perfect for all my partitioning needs. Best of all, it's free and you don't have to install anything.
  4. hey everyone, as a music lover and budding musician I thought I'd share some of my musical creations with you all. Here's some linkage for you. iCompositons - Electronic/Experimental/Mix Of Genres iCompositions - Dark Hatred - Ongoing Metal Project I'm quite active on the iCompositions community. It is a great place with some very talented people.
  5. hi people of besttechie, my name is Simon. After chatting in the IRC channel and recieving such a friendly welcome i decided to register on the forums and join this community as it's right up my street. I'm a music lover and I have it on good authority that many of you are Hope to chat with you soon, Kind Regards Simon.