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  1. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday toooooo [email protected]$IQU OE:Ihrtay[43w9y8t3wpo6t98yaesfdg
  2. hey guys, there is a glitch in the sonic game that won't let you submit the score if you beat the game I believe, as for solitare, I didn't design the game, so I dunno, if there are any other game glitches, then please post them in the suggestion forum as I don't travel here much..
  3. working on a few things, thanks..
  4. there seem,s to be anohter problem so Im gonna take over..
  5. it's a glitch that Im working out...
  6. ummmm.... get a custom skin... not the default crap.... ;P you know I make them, right?
  7. not to mention that once you install windows XP and all of its componants, not to mention other things that work behind the curtians to make things function your not going to have the full 60ish Gigs anymore... that sounds about right to be left with 56ish Gigs