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  1. Purchase an account over at www.2mhost.com, use their free website builder software, and you can have your own website. Cheapest account is $1.95 a month for hosting. A year of webhosting is a little over $20.00 or so..... Please do not flame people on this forum. Edited by hitest.
  2. Well, you can register for a low-cost website hosting over at 2mhost.com. Their "personal package" webhosting is $1.95 a month, so an entire year will run you just a little over $20.00. Once you're signed up there, they have a FREE website builder there you can use to build your own website. It's not free, but it's the cheapest I've found. I host all three of my websites there: www.oyle.net (my "personal" website) www.greenent.com (my "business" website) www.unemployedmcse.com (my forum website) I don't think you'll find anything cheaper than that. www.2mhost.com
  3. Howdy! I just had an interview for a job yesterday at a local company. Their main issue is that they want to migrate from their current AIX Unix system, which they admit is old, to a more modern system. Being an MCSE, I naturally recomeneded Windows 2000/2003. I asked them about the size of the company. They have their corporate office here in town; they have sales agents over the rest of the country, that just VPN into the corporate office here in town. So I have like, no experience with AIX. I know about some of the other distros of Linux:Red Hat 8, Knoppixx, DSL, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Mandrak