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    I think I heard about an online school that offers courses in this field. It's called ELVTR, and they have a course specifically for video game writing. I still have the link: You might want to check their website to find out all the details about the courses they offer.
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    I need to find a development team skilled with Strapi to build out a new project. Does anyone have a recommendation for a company that provides quality Strapi services?
  3. Well, I've heard a bit about ELVTR online school. You might want to visit their website at and see what courses they offer. It could be a good starting point to explore your options and find the right fit for you.
  4. Hi. Well, heard something about sports marketing and partnerships courses. Perhaps ELVTR provide something like that. But to be honest, I'm not too sure. Go to their website It probably has all the details you need. Better to research the information yourself to be sure.
  5. Hello. I understand that an acquaintance of mine had experience of a similar course on some UK online platform, I think ELVTR or something similarly named. She mentioned a course on UI/UX for games. Unfortunately, I don't remember the title exactly. But you can go to and look up the information about that course yourself. I think you'll find the answers to your questions there. I apologise that I can't be more specific.
  6. Hello! I took several online courses at the American online school ELVTR and can share my experience. Online learning provides flexibility and the ability to combine with work. Many top universities in the US offer quality online programs. I received certificates in Data Science and Digital Marketing. Admission for foreigners is no more difficult than for full-time programs. I really liked studying at ELVTR - an excellent level of teaching and organization. I recommend to get up-to-date knowledge and skills online!
  7. Very useful information. I'm just about to go to college. I don't know if it will work or not. Very worried.
  8. Use the TRASTRA web interface or the mobile application for bitcoin transactions with anyone in the world who has a key to a bitcoin wallet. To do this, you must have a verified TRASTRA account and a sufficiently funded Bitcoin wallet. Of course you can sell through IBAN. But you can sell Bitcoin on almost any exchange to reach a wider audience and get a better price, but using the TRASTRA app means faster speeds, better rates, and better customer service.
  9. Ukraine needs at least 50 HIMARS and M270s to deter Russian attacks, and 100 for a successful counteroffensive
  10. Putin may threaten to use nuclear weapons to deter Ukrainian counterattack — ISW analysts
  11. A 28-year-old citizen of Sweden died in the war zone in the Donbas According to the Swedish television channel SVT, the man previously served in the Air Force stationed in Uppsala, with the rank of lieutenant. He died from a chest wound from a grenade explosion. Other details, including the name of the deceased, have not yet been disclosed. He stayed in Ukraine for a couple of months.
  12. Tanker transportation, which supplies energy from the Russian Federation to the markets of India and China, has fallen by almost 30% in recent weeks The trend of reducing the consumption of Russian oil by the Asian market is clearly visible. Against the background of Western countries' refusal of Russian energy carriers, the Asian market has become the main buyer of Russian oil and a vital source of income for the country's budget. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the dependence of the Russian budget on oil and gas revenues has jumped to 40%.
  13. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will strike at the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and the positions of the invaders in Crimea when they are technically ready, Deputy Defense Minister Volodymyr Gavrylov said “We have a constant threat from the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Given the new technologies and opportunities we are getting, we must confront this threat. We started with the Zmiinyi Island operation. We have anti-ship weapons, and sooner or later we will target the fleet. This is inevitable because we have to guarantee the safety of our people,” Gavrylov said in an interview with
  14. The second wave of evacuations began in the territories temporarily occupied by Russians, Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov said “Now there is a second wave, probably for the second week already. More than a thousand people are now in line for evacuation. It is about as tense as it was during the first months of the evacuation.” The third wave of internal resettlement will begin with the onset of cold weather, predicts Fedorov. In his opinion, the heating season will not start in the occupied territories.
  15. More than 10,000 residents of Mariupol are held in filtration camps, Mayor Vadym Boychenko said.