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  1. ok time for some guru's to help an old fart out. I'm trying to code a personal page in html 5 and css3. It's just a little personal web gallery for my personal server so it won't see the WWW. I'm running into a little problem tho. I have my images showing with no problems, my problem lies in positioning them. I want a clean css3 layout using html 5 for this design. my screen has all the images in a row, 5 total, but I want them to be laid out in the classic 5 look. four corners and one in the center. here is my css body { background-color: #297FC1; } IMG.displayed { display: block;
  2. Dragon

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, I know long time no see, was in the neighborhood and thought I would drop in to say hi to all my friends. hope to hear from of ya again.
  3. Yes we are back, and the forums are back on line also. If you were registered at the original forums please follow the link to the forums and re-register. Sarah I know you registered after I got the site back up, that registration is only for the Joomla portal page area for when I have registered members only areas. To register at the forums please click on the forums link and register there. Thanks.
  4. I would gladly do that except that, because my site is down, so is my email. I can't send or receive atm
  5. Hi all, Just wanted to let everyone know that my site is temporarily down. They were moving it to a new server when there was a hard drive failure. Lost my entire site and database. Unfortunately, I didn't know it was going to be moved, so I didn't get a backup made of my site before the move. I don't know how long my site will be offline. They are working on it so I can put the pages back. Anyone who was a member at my forums, will need to apply again once it's up. I will let you know when we are back online.
  6. I presume you are making this in flash yourself. in your intro page, add a blank key frame to the end of one of your layerss, usually I use the background layer, then using action script you do the following getURL("http://www.xxxxxxx.com/sitepage.xxxx","_self"); then save and publish it, you will find that it loads the page you want it to.
  7. Because they get roughly 60,000+ links added to their system a day. Then they send out the bots to check the site if there is one, and they verify info in local yellow pages indexes. this takes time, then someone has to approve the information to be listed. The bots can't do that on their own.
  8. have you tried html-kit? this is free and offers wysiwyg as well as other addon scripts similar to dreamweaver. http://www.htmlkit.com/
  9. http://www.iabusinessprojects.com/hosting.php for you startup site you can get away with using the mini-geek plan. The cpanel has a fantastico system that has the most recent Wordpress install available.
  10. I wasn't insinuating that Actually I think you are doing a great job. This isn't something you can turn your computer on one day and say "that'll do donkey, that'll do." Web design has some artistic side to it, where the designer needs to spend a little time figuring out the layout he/she wants to make so that it is easily user friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing and easily indexed. I have a template that is right up the alley for this project, right now I'm working out some bugs in it. First time I have ran into a template that works in IE but not FF.
  11. Personally I would go with black text instead of the yellow like you have for the main content. I will also check and see what templates I have that might work out for that site.
  12. Just remember, when you have a stylesheet that is what controls the colors, size, etc.. If you are using a template, look at the div id tag to determine which stylesheet command you need to work on.
  13. If you need any more input or help let me know.
  14. SMF is a good board also, that what I use at my forums. If you click on my link in my signature you will be able to visit the forums and see what SMF looks like. It's easy to install mods, you can change themes/skins and you can even get Tinyportal as a front page. This will give you an easy integration of your website to the forums. you can check out tinyportal at http://www.tinyportal.familjegodis.se/ this is a temporary location as they are moving to new servers starting today. You can get SMF from http://www.simplemachines.org/
  15. in this section of the stylesheet code you can change the info. /* Info Window styles */ .IW { width: 350px;} .IWContent {height: 120px; overflow:auto;} .IWCaption {font-weight: bold; font-size: 12pt; color: #369; border-bottom: 2px solid #369;} .IWFooter {margin-top: 5px; font-size: 8pt; } .IWFooterZoom {} .IWDirections{background-color:#FFF;} Particularly the .IWCaption section. change the color from #369 to whatever hex code you would prefer for the color to be. You would only need to change the first #369 for the text color.
  16. that is exactly it Arachnid. On the average, for user friendly websites, you want to think like someone with A.D.D. If they can't scan the page and find exactly what they are looking for in the first 10 seconds then you have lost that visitor as well as 20 to 30 others. It's just like retail sales. For every 1 customer that has a bad experience you lose 10. However, to regain the revenue that you lost from those 10 customers, you have to give outstanding service to 30 customers. easiest way to explain it is like this. on the second one the Navigation is plainly visible. It is in it's own lay
  17. Uhh... I chose MYSQL version 4/5, which is what is installed on the server! Im not sure what to troubleshoot... Is this a problem with my settings, or should i contact Godaddy? Im so confused, PHP is kicking my butt. MAtt broke Besttechies and fixed it the same night, but I cant even set it up. LOL PHPBB is using a version of PHP that doesn't use the same commands as MySQL 5.0. In order to use the board you should use MySQL 4.1.2 stable. 5.0 is still unstable and is known to crash some php programs.
  18. Thank you all for the well wishes on my birthday.
  19. I personally like site #2, It seems more User friendly and has more info which means more page rank.
  20. here are my latest creations. Space Frontier Attacked Galatic Moonrise Purple Haze Mountain Plain done with terregen, PSPx, and Bryce 5.5
  21. First car was a '74 Ford Maverick with the inline 4 cylinder engine. Had slicks on the back and mini's on the front. Chromed baby moons, and NOS. helped rebuild that car when my cousin owned it, 4 speed auto with a racing shifter kit installed. put it in first, and then pop the accelerator at around 30MPH and it would pop to 2nd, at 60MPH you could pop it to 3rd, at 80 you could pop it one more time to fourth. I had a 5 point racing harness for the driver seat. I ran pinks constantly with that thing. Can't tell ya how many Honda Civic SI's, Corvettes, or mustangs I sold because of that baby. H
  22. hello and welcome to Besttechie. You may wish to print out a copy of these instructions to follow while you complete this procedure. Please go offline, close all browsers and any open Windows, making sure that only HijackThis is open. Scan and when it finishes, put an X in the boxes, only next to these following items, then click fix checked. R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = about:blank O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [MSRTspro2] msrtspr1.exe Please reboot into safe mode (continually tap the F8 key while your system is starting, select Safe Mode from the menu). Be sure you'r
  23. there next step will probably be suing the amusement park allowing people to enjoy some warm weather fun. Don't people have better things to do than complain about something, they willingly moved next too. I agree with JDoors, No sympathy from me, if the house was built or bought after the amusement park was in operation then they new what they were doing. and they should also know that the likely hood of it being quiet was slim to nil. A classic case of how our society has become extremely negligent of intelligence.
  24. you could always replace the oil pump, and check the pressure in each piston. I have a 90 dodge caravan with a 2.5L turbo that has the same issue, the pressure is good in all cylinders so I am replacing the oil pump. usually oil pressure drops because of two reasons, Oil Pump gets clogged a the screen or it just wears down, or the cylinder pressure drops because it needs new piston rings. Oil pump is the cheapest way to start if you plan on messing with the engine components, and it usually only takes about 1 to 2 hours start to finish. If it turns out to be cylinder pressure issues, or leakin
  25. hi marty, yes that is a common problem with some hardware when you burn a disk. I have run across that many times myself and all I did was reduce the speed of the cd drive, problem solved. When you burn a disk at a certain speed, then try to use it at a higher rate of speed, ti can't read the info correctly. something to do with the bitrate of the information on the disk. Anyway I hope you enjoy linux, I tried Open Suse before I switched to Ubuntu, even though it found my hardware and ran everything ok, it started opening my cdrom drives when ever it wanted to. Even if I wasn't using the comp