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  1. This is a fundamental law and it states, in its most simple form, whatever you think, the same comes back i.e. like attracts like. We have all seen this at work in our own lives, the trouble is we did not know what it was or how to control it. How many times have you gotten out of bed in a bad mood? The toothpaste squirts all over the sink, you stub your toe on the stool, you take one thing off the rail and all the rest fall on the floor blah blah blah. Well believe it or not that is the law of attraction at work. The formless wonder does not discriminate, it just gives you what you are thinki
  2. Improving your writing skills is always a good thing. I'm glad I came across your advice and will follow it now. Thank you for your help to users.
  3. I like your advice. Could you tell me more about your service and maybe there are some negative and positive sides? I would be happy to hear back from you.