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  1. wow thats funny there was one for dell support this women called and said her free cupholder that she got with the comp broke ...it was the cd drive
  2. if you willing to pay $50 for xbox live every year then its worth your money...don't buy this console if you don't intend on payying for xbox live..b/c on half the 360 game live is the best part
  3. wow my bad didn't read the date....it was on page 2...ddin't think it was that old
  4. suse..is the only one iv used so far..just wanna know what evry1 else uses
  5. i usually tip..a keep the change tip
  6. wow what a nice civic that was...good r ok though...wow if i had that civic...
  7. wow guess i would have to look into trying that firewall...is it better than zone alarm free version??
  8. Dell's have gotten better in the laptop area - better than they used to be at least. They're using better parts and materials. (And yes, I know about the battery incident, even still) As for Sony Vaio's I personally feel they are over priced. I'd agree with the Toshiba suggestion though. I bought a toshiba laptop a few years ago and it's still rock solid. Highly recommend Toshiba. B i know vaios r a little over priced but you will always get a good quality laptop from them..and sony also has very good customer support over the phone..again if i were to choose..if i had a budget..i would
  9. are you sure its just overheating...it could be something else..plzz post more info about the laptop
  10. wow thats nuts...but i would still recomend it...i have had no probs so far...but like another poster said...sometime voice quality goes bad...but thats only temp
  11. i say get the ipod video...its awsome
  12. wiki linky ..that should be all the info you need
  13. "Yeah, i figured the ink might have dryed."...yup thats probly it coz i had that same problem
  14. thnx for the info ill definetly look into that cam