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  1. Lol... Almost, my heat is cranked up to high 80's so very warm in the house fortunately. Outside is a different story, if you go outside and some of your skin is showing you can get frostbite in seconds... we have been hitting -45C/-55C and then we have windchill warnings to worry about brrr!!!... Very, very cold and Tyme doesn't like to much .. Tyme
  2. Happy Birthday BD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are doing great my friend!!! Take Care Big!!!!.....XOXOXO Tyme/Steve
  3. Howdy Pete, Bard, Jsky, Pat and TT!!! Yes, it feels real good to have people to turn to when you are down and out or up and in... Sometimes, my sanity counts on people who just want to respect you for who you are... I love this site and I miss so many nice people, internet or not, any of you, I have respect for, and you all know who I am talking about... All my old friends... You all know anytime you want and you come to Canada you all have a place to stay, chill and relax always! I miss you all and I hope you all are doing great, this world makes me think there are no nice people but I check
  4. I have not been on here for a while and I was looking through the threads and noticed I have missed many of my friends birthdays! I just wanted to say sorry, I am still thinking of all of you and I wanted to say Happy Belated Birthday to all of you!!!!!!! I hope you are all doing great and I wish you all the best of holidays!!!! Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you all have a Happy New Year and a great 2010 Take Care all of you! Remember all of my friends here are always in Tyme's heart and mind! Take Care Tyme/Steve
  5. Howdy TT, Howdy everyone and all my old friends I just stopped in and thought I should comment on this post.. Il and myself were close as well, I miss his "dvd's" he would send me... Il was a great friend and will be missed by myself and many from all over the world!! Take Care my friend You all Take Care and I hope I can start making it around more often on these great forums! I have been losing tech knowledge from these great forms and others due to the fact my life has been turmoil lately... Take Care Tyme
  6. Happy Birthday! Hope your day is great my friend and I wish you many more... Take Care Tyme
  7. Happy Birthday Jeff! Hope you have many more to come my friend! Take Care Tyme
  8. Howdy TT Happy belated birthday my friend! Looks like another year has past... Sorry I took so long, hope your day was great and I hope you have many more! Take Care Tyme
  9. Congratulations!!! I wish you the best, hope all goes well for you!!! Tyme
  10. Hello everyone!!!! Thank you all, you are all very awesome people and I think the world of you all!! 30 :0 ohhh...noo.... 3 decades??? OMG!!! well, I guess there could be worse things out there then being 30....When I figure them out maybe I will feel better.... Thank you all!!!!!!! Take Care Tyme P.S Great to see all you regulars still around... Thanks Again
  11. Happy Birthday my friend! Hope you have many more! Take Care Tyme
  12. Howdy Pete, Good to see you around spreading knowledge as always!! Take Care my friend! o/p I love audacity, it really is a great free program. It will record any sound that is coming out of your speakers, games, movies, music, record from any website, youtube etc. If you get that program get this as well, when you try to save as mp3 it will ask you for this file, locate the file (where ever you saved it to) and then you will be able to save as mp3.. http://www.free-codecs.com/Lame_Encoder_download.htm Take Care Tyme
  13. Howdy Barb!! How are you doing my friend? Hope all is going well with you! It's been a while.. o/p I agree with the rest, chances are it's the p/s. I just wanted to add... Just because you have a Dell you don't have to get a Dell power supply, check around your local shops, they may have some good deals on a 300W power supply (which will generally be fine in most none high performance computers). If you purchase things online here is a good place I use a lot and find them very good. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...&CatId=1077
  14. Howdy Everyone I really think Obama is going to do great, I think he is a very very intelligent man, specially when compared to bush...lol. I have high hopes for President Obama, I think he just might do pretty good. He had a massive impact already on people and everyone had high expectations for him. He has a lot of weight on his shoulders and a bunch of crap to fix after bush's 8 years running/ruining the country. Hope he does well. Tyme
  15. Sorry I missed this.... I wish everyone A very Happy new year and I hope everyone got off to a great start. You are all great people and deserve good.... Take Care everyone. Tyme/Steve
  16. Happy belated birthday Shanenin! I wish you many more, hope your day was awesome! Take Care Tyme
  17. Happy belated birthday you two, sorry I'm late... Take Care and I wish you many more. Tyme
  18. Wow... Thanks everyone, Good seeing you all again! I think the world of you all and no matter what I have to come back and "see" everyone no matter how long I have been gone! I have learned so much through the years with you all and cherish all of it.... People ask me how I learned to do all these things with computers and I tell them the best way for me wasn't school but learning from forums (particularly call for help where most of us meant each other) and volunteering my time helping others online with their pc problems. The pay of knowledge is so much more valuable then any currency could
  19. Howdy Marsh!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Hope you have been doing great my friend!!! Good to see you still on here! Tyme
  20. It has been such a long time since I have been on the forums and I must say, going through the threads and seeing all these familiar names has put a smile on my face from ear to ear. I have had really great memories with a lot of people here. All my online friends that could come and stay at my house any time they want too! (if they want to come to Canada that is) People already in Canada, always welcome, you all know who you are!!! I have been keeping alive, a couple rough patches in life here and there but I have my health and I guess that is a good thing, the most important thing is my c
  21. Hey TT!!! Sorry I missed you my friend, I don't get online like I use to, hoping that will end up changing soon tho. Take Care TT, good seeing familiar names.. Tyme
  22. Same for me Me too...... Hope your day was great Jeff, keep up the great work!! Take Care Tyme
  23. Sorry to be late.... Hope you had a great day and may there be many, many more my friend!! Take Care Tyme
  24. Howdy Everyone!!! Thank you all so much for the nice words. I sure do miss all my old friends, I have not had anytime at all to get online. I have been working 2 jobs so time hasn't been on my side lately... When I came on here and seen this thread for me, it put a huge smile on my face! Thanks Sultan!! Thank you all, it is great to see everyone still around!!! Take Care Tyme
  25. Happy Birthday!! Hope you two have a great day!