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  1. I will not talk about the best, here is a matter of taste. It is better to take ASUS, with a large diagonal. They have some of the best contrasts and colors.
  2. All my friends who work at an amateur level advise either I would suggest Nikon D5500, but I also recommend the Canon PowerShot SX620 HS. As for me, the best price-quality ratio.
  3. Hello! It all depends on how you want to develop. I now know designers who became great video editors, try using good textbooks and good teachers. Also, use the right software right away. There are several options that I could offer, but they are similar. Download either the converter, which has many formats for conversion, or the editor (I use, which I advise you too). Try converting the files or changing them, the main thing is that the application itself determines the format and reads the data, and then you can just save it in a form convenient for you.
  4. Turn off the VSink wherever possible, it slows down the game greatly and problems arise on weak machines.