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  1. I think you may want to get your facts straight there bud. I haven't gotten anyone to do anything, nor am I the leader of some fantasized scheme you've talked yourself (and everyone else) into believing. You all want to condemn someone, condemn the damn fool that started this BS because it sure the hell wasn't me.
  2. Check Device Manager and make sure there are no conflicts with your Floppy Disk Controller.
  3. I complained enough over on the g4techtv boards. I just stopped watching altogether.
  4. I use nLite. It works great, but I haven't tried removing components with it...yet. Here's A Tutorial
  5. I know you said it's set as default browser, but please just bare with me... Open OE. Tools> Options> Connections> Change Click the Programs tab. Uncheck "Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser." Then: In Firefox: Tools> Options> General> Click "Check Now"> Click "Yes" That should do it.
  6. Thanks. Didn't know how I'd be received over here. <off topic> I'm not normally a jackass, G4 has just had me PO'd ever since the "merger" </off topic>
  7. Slipstreamed my SP2 today with a program called nLite. Worked like a dream.