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  1. *UPDATE* Now when I hit the power button on the computer i get no visual or no power to my mouse and it starts doing long beeps with a second between each 2 second beep. Ahh oh well I guess that computer is trashed. Thanks for the help though! I started researching and made my own Knoopix 5.0 cd and it got my interested in other LiveCD's as well such as Kubuntu and Ubuntu. Thanks for the help! And I'll most definetly be sticking around the forums.*UPDATE* I'll be back on after the Twins game. Down with Detroit Tigers! Hahah just kiddin' around its all in good fun. Thanks, JigsawCode
  2. Hello Everyone, I was looking at the besttechie.net forums to see if you guys had the answers and it sounds like many of you are computer guru's. Here's my question. I want to completely uninstall Linux Red Hat 8 and install Windows 98 or 98SE. I know nothing about linux such as how to even get to the command line. Who here can help me and give me detailed instructions such as you would give a complete linux noob like myself. I got the Red Hat 8 disk from a Linux Red Hat 8 For Dummies book at the library so I could test out Linux and see what it's like. I made a boot disk as well but the CD is