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  1. Many of you ran through Ny'alotha, but Heroic Ny'alotha became a real problem and a nightmare for many, even strong players, so I think Heroic Ny'alotha Boost Run, which runs the service, would be very useful for many Nyalotha heroic boost. This is a very high-quality and useful service, with a large number of customers, which offers to go from 7 to 12 bosses with guaranteed loot, for a fairly small fee. Wow!
  2. SantaLucia

    SCI-fi arts

    Interesting, but not entirely appropriate, as for me.
  3. It doesn’t sound as good as it sounds, but still not bad.
  4. Cryptocurrencies are good, maybe the future lies with them, but there is no certainty.
  5. Indeed, as for me the proposed options are good, I have no questions, all have a good day!