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  1. Hi everyone! I'm not sure if any of you remember me, but I used to hang around these forums a few years back. Good to see the community is still thriving. I've recently encountered a stubborn virus/trojan that's plaguing one of my computers at home. It was transferred to the computer by a flash drive (which had been connected to an infected computer); the virus scanner, EZ Antivirus, tends to pop up with alerts saying files are infected, but both EZ and the usual anti-malware programs can't seem to be able to remove it. We unknowingly transferred the virus to another computer at home, and bo
  2. Although this program is on the list that shanenin posted, I would like to particularly point out Deepburner: In my opinion its easy to use, straightforward, and simply excellent software. Good luck with your backing up, Murtu52
  3. If its happening for multiple games, as with Honda Boy, I would look into your computer's memory. Maybe you have a resource/memory hog running in the background, or some settings with your virtual memory, etc., maybe be acting up. Just a thought, because when my internet goes slow its usually because of that. Good luck fixing the problem, ~Murtu52
  4. Thanks for all the help, guys. xxkbxx, I asked him about that, but he said that the laptop is already entered into the MAC address filtering list--it may not be set up properly, though; if I get a chance, I'll go to his house and check that first. I'll also ping the router, I didn't think of that.... One last thing, for the MAC address filtering, for Netgears, it asks for a computer/device name and MAC address. does the computer name on the list need to be the same as the actual computer name? or is the name irrelevant? Murtu52
  5. He's not getting any error messages--that's partially why this is frustrating. just2good4u3434, do you think this is a router problem or a receiver problem? He's tried the basic things, like making sure the key is entered, restarting the router, etc., but to no avail--I've never experienced, nor heard of, this kind of problem. I'm gonna call Netgear on his behalf and try to get this sorted out... Thanks for the input, Murtu52 EDIT: Shanenin, how do I list the connections? ipconfig /all?
  6. A friend of mine has a problem connecting his laptop to his network at home. He has a secure network (set up by someone else), and all of his other computers are working properly with the network. His laptop, though, can't connect to the network, but can detect the SSID. Even with the correct network key entered, it doesn't connect. All I know about the network is that his laptop is running Windows XP (I'm assuming SP2), and his router is Netgear (not sure about the model number). Any help, guys? Thanks, Murtu52
  7. Thats exactly what I'd do; check online for it, then subtract/add to account for usedness, extra add-ons, etc. Nice idea, JSKY. Good luck selling your computer, ~Murtu52
  8. WOW....I need to read more of these. Simply puts a smile on your face...
  9. Since you are already going to recycle your harddrives, how about recycling your memory? I'm not sure what's the speed/size of ur current RAM, but perhaps it could help to look?
  10. Thanks, I've been busy with school. I should be studying still....but its good to spend a little free time here .
  11. Good choice. Have fun with it. ~Murtu52
  12. Also, in addition to a powerful antenna, maybe a signal repeater or two could do the trick. Though, they're expensive, so I'm not sure if its the best route to take. By the way, what's your budget?
  13. Kinda sad, i actually fell for it reaction was a bit more mellow, as I was concentrating a bit more....I just looked at it and thought, well I guess the game is out the window now, huh? Thats kinda cruel to the son, though.....feel kinda sorry for him....
  14. Consoles these days use ethernet connections (the wire coming from the DSL modem) or wireless if you have certain adapters. If you don't have one already, getting a 4-port router to give connections to the consoles is a good idea. In short, yes, online connections on gaming consoles (like PS2 and Xbox) are definately possible with DSL. I have neither, but many of my friends do and they've explained it to me pretty well: Xbox, I believe, has a ethernet port built into the console, so no adapter is needed. You do need an Xbox-Live account and headset, though. Xbox-live is Xbox's online system, a
  15. I think you should revert to an old restore point, then stop using MSConfig if you are....use a startup manager instead of MSConfig, if you are using msconfig to disable programs... Though, I'm not sure if that would work or not; anyone know if restore point would work in this situation?
  16. Thanks Bubba Bob and sixpacgenius.....thats quite a jump in price .
  17. Just wondering, whats vonage's rate for India, and perhaps Pakistan if you know? My dad and I were thinking about it, but we call overseas a lot, especially India and Pakistan. I heard Vonage was great, but I never had the iniative to go there.....
  18. try installing the drivers/software that came with the camera, then try connecting it. Maybe that'll work.... Or, if you have a memory card reader, take the memory card in the camera, and use it in the reader. Good luck!
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    Oh wow......level 3 is so hard its terrifying! Good link
  20. I second the floppy of the modern age . On sale you can pick up a 128MB one for $10 or cheaper if you're lucky.
  21. Good question--I've never really thought about the difference in sockets in depth before. To add what Aluvus said, changes in sockets can also be just because the technology is advancing. Maybe Socket 939 has some advantages (on the electrical level, as well as feature level) over Socket 754. Also, it could be a way for companies to keep distinction between their competitors. That way, if you want to upgrade a CPU, you'd be forced to upgrade to a CPU of the same company, unfortunately the same generation as well. Basically, keep Intel customers upgrading to Intel, and AMD customers upgrading