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  1. Hi I have really strange issue with Fortnite (previously with other games). After I launch game, my game is stuck at 60fps with vsync (I can feel that vsync is ON because my mouse has “swimming effect” during game - delays). I turned off vsync in game, in NVIDIA control panel. I disabled Fullscreen optimizations for every .exe file (launcher & fortnite in every possible folder). It worked one time, but next day problem still existed and nothing worked. Tweakbox Appvalley The funny thing is, when I change from Fullscreen mode to windowed mode, my FPS are unlocked and jumps to ~150. And very strange thing - while being in Fullscreen mode with this 60fps cap bug, after I change my volume or brightness, while volume/brightness bar is visible - my FPS unlocks. After this disappeared - coming back to 60fps cap.