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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome! And thanks for the advice, I'll try Avast and AVG
  2. Is it me or I see the forum automatically adds links to 'mobile protection', 'mobile phones' phrases
  3. hi guys, I'm about to upgrade my home computers' security and choosing between modern anti-malware tools. I see plenty of advisors, crush-tests and reviews like e.g., though I'm not sure what to trust since those nasty viruses progress so quickly. I was always a fan of Kaspersky and it satisfied my needs till date though I don't like their mobile protection. And my dream-about tool needs to protect both computers and mobile phones for me and my family. Your advice is much appreciated.
  4. I've actually heard Daughtry songs not so long ago and his songs seem to be so touching and deep. I like especially Over you, It's not over and Waiting for a superman, they play often as I paint or create sites. Does anyone know what happened to him? I haven't read about his new albums.