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  1. Kind of ironic I find out about it here. You know I never visit TSS or any of the rest of them over there but the Tech Board doesn't rate a sticky I guess.....hahahahahaha......

  2. BTW Beluga I REALLY like the fact you don't have to wait that frickin' one minute to edit a post.....I make so many typos. Plus some have been potentially a problem you know an honest mistake but could have caused a probem....anyway just thought I would let you know.....

  3. I don't want to be a test case for sp2, so is there a recommended time to wait for them to get the bugs out.They have issues with two programs I run: system works 2003 and zone alarm pro version 4.5( rolled back from version 5.0 due to bugs)

    it figures sp2 has issues with both versions of zap.any help is greatly appreciated.



    I have seen SP-2 on about 15 or so machines running Zone Alarm Pro with no problems with any of them.......(yet)......hahahahahaha......