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  1. in California only and that has not been tested, under FCC rule (47 C.F.R. Section 1.4000) any thing transmitted over the air unencrypted is fair game. since this does not cover your transmissions people assume the states can rule, but it has not gone to court and since WIFI is operating at unregulated db levels for B and g and unregulated band for A,, I would not want to be on the states side.
  2. you turned off acpi in your BIOS right? This only allows the MotherBoard to control ACPI, acpid lets Linux control these functions and I believe the new real time clock and hard drive functions need this to run. so I would leave it on. as for hidd, go ahead and turn it off, I don't believe it effects anything but blue tooth.. by the way this is some of the best ways to secure a server is to turn off what you do not need. hidd is blue tooth only
  3. # sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop you may have to adjust some settings for looks afterwards
  4. you turned off acpi in your BIOS right? This only allows the MotherBoard to control ACPI, acpid lets Linux control these functions and I believe the new real time clock and hard drive functions need this to run. so I would leave it on. as for hidd, go ahead and turn it off, I don't believe it effects anything but blue tooth.. by the way this is some of the best ways to secure a server is to turn off what you do not need.
  5. The Thunderbird problems may be just ubuntu's build. Try taking the version from the thunderbird site, I think its a tar.gz file (a zip) and just untar it in your home folder and double click the thunderbird file. it should run.
  6. no I have the same job, but my title has now changed to match the work I was doing, before my title was Administrator now its Engineer. but hte Degree will help me when moving to a new company as they do no know what skills I have as the people I work for now do, and its hard ot represent. My Pay has been based on Unix work adn the Lack of UNIX admin and System Designers. When I started Putting Linux/UNIX and Trusted (SELinux/Solaris) in my Resume, It goes into a company wide Database. As other parts of my company need UNIX people they would search the Database first to get already hired pe
  7. Why would you recommend Windows for servers running AIX? Why replace AIx besides someone said it was old? which while having a Long history, the version they are running could be newer than windows 2003 server. The real question is, what is the business need to change the entire system? if I was asked this question the main goal would be to find what capability do they think they would get from upgrading. Most of the software that runs on Linux runs on AIX, or Solaris for that matter. if it for Cheeper servers Solaris 10 runs great on "intel" boxes. if they would like to take advantage of
  8. Thats probably is a good idea. Does Hans have to give permission to do that? Since it is open source, could I take over development and call it shanefs ? yes, you could if its GPL its called forking.
  9. port 80 is always a translated or else you would never see web pages, an old hacker attack vector is to send a network package to a NAT router looking like a return from a network request. if it reaches the box, the box will send back a kind of What? package, so now you can do all kinds of nasty. Facilitating Inbound NAT Using DNS There only two methods to resolve the hidden address problem. One is to use static mapping for devices like servers on the inside network that need to be accessed from the outside. When static mapping is employed, the global address of the device that is using the s
  10. port 80 always forwords, so if you are running a web server behind a Nat it can be gotten to. Stateful Package inspection is the only way to stop that
  11. By Production I mean that they are used for Bussiness and are facing outside a firewall. These are servers that do production work that people on the web access. With these I lock way down. If its just a home server, or small business that these are behind a firewall I see no reason not to turn it off, but I would suggest learning SELinux. For Government work and Banks this kind of protection is becoming important and Pays better than not knowing it. I also use it for VM servers that server web pages in place OS where it was standard to use Jar's or Chroot partitions. an yes I do not agree t
  12. if they are not production boxes, you can turn it off using the system-config-securitylevel to turn it all off. If this is production, I would encourage you to learn it, as it is the correct way to secure a server from malicious attack. Its like a firewall where you can set permissions on individual files. We use it in a MLS configuration so I must use it. here is a better site http://www.mjmwired.net/resources/mjm-fedora-fc6.html http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/selinux-faq-fc5/#id2922533
  13. its built in the Kernel, and you don't what to delete it, but learn how to use it. setbool is a Red Hat tool that sets the value of a setting in RC.d so it should be that way from now on. this may help http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/selinux-faq-....html#id2825207
  14. non, Novell has stated they will pick up its development and they may rename it.. but it will still be the same thing
  15. SELINUX is most likely the problem setsebool -P smbd_disable_trans 1 this will diable SELinux on SAMBA when it runes see http://www.mjmwired.net/resources/mjm-fedora-fc6.html Firewall and SELinux Users Run system-config-securitylevel Firewall Options: To allow Samba access to work through your firewall you must set 'Samba' as a 'Trusted service'. SELinux: Modify SELinux Policy > Samba Disable SELinux protection for smbd daemon On the command line you can run: [[email protected] ~]# setsebool -P smbd_disable_trans 1 Run man samba_selinux for more help. For any changes made above to the SELinux se
  16. I always tryy for just .NET first then see if I have to change anything for mono. in this case I did not. My issue for mono is .NET allowed me to create two envelopes in the SOAP file, which is wrong, so I had to manually extract the information. buy by changing to an ArrayList I could serialize it (casting List to an array is the same thing as an arraylist) so I have not used monodoc, I just have been searching the web.. because the last time I used Monodoc it was missing way too much stuff (I guess that is why Novell has a Job request out to do Mono documentation)
  17. Yes, and now it works in mono.. a big step for me...
  18. I believe ext3 is faster then ReiserFs on most file sizes, but on eally small files Reiserfs is faster. in all I always use ReiserFS unless I am sharing the partition with BSD or Mac OSX as they have ext drivers (BSD has reiser but I don't add it)
  19. yes sorry I'm late on the responce (Kids) this page explains http://www.zzee.com/solutions/linux-permis...nk_9_1077830297
  20. ok I had to change the List to an array because you can not serilize a generic. here is what I did to fix my problem /* * Created by SharpDevelop. * User: huskeyw * Date: 12/11/2006 * Time: 10:32 AM * * To change this template use Tools | Options | Coding | Edit Standard Headers. */ using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; using System.Collections; using System.Runtime.Serialization; using System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap; namespace soapTest { class MainClass { static List<Platforms> platformList = new List<Platforms>(); [STAThre
  21. yes, it's called discretionary access control it allows an admin (root) to set directories so to a level so that application can not be run. (so a Trojan installs in a folder but the user can not run it) you should be able to read the folder, but not run anything from it. I have never seen this with video as its not run, but I guess the system could see that as an exacutable depending on type. I'll test it on gentoo..
  22. ok this is driving me nuts so I am missing something simple right now I know there are only two bodies in this soap file so I am reading each into a class and string them into a Linked List to be compared later (truly read by a web service) what I would like is something like this FileStream fs = new FileStream("DataFile.soap", FileMode.Open); try { SoapFormatter formatter = new SoapFormatter(); // Deserialize the class from the file and // assign the reference to the local variable. //NOTE this is the part I don't kow how to do while (!to_END_OF_FILE) { plt =
  23. should be no issue Sorry, I can't be more help
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    no sharpdevelop will do 99% of what visual studio will, we use both at work and If I am not using a widget that is licensed to Visual studio I use sharpdevelop. it shares projects with VS 2005 but no cost. plus adding ndoc allows you to auto generate documentation. plus they plan on adding ironPython support so you could in the future do Python.net for windows. I like C# plus you can use MonoDevelop in Linux and get a lot of the same code to run on linux with MONO.
  25. holy crap, the installer is over 700 lines. The funny thing is, you still have to tell the installer where to install it. I expected that huge bash script to automatically do it for me . what does the flashplayer.xpt file do? I deleted it, it does not seem to do anything. I found it works well just to copy libflashplayer.so to your ~/.mozilla/plugins directory. This allows flash to work with either firefox or mozilla This method worked for me. Make sure you run this is a regular user, not root. If you run it as root, it will get copied to the wrong directory. Enter these three commands in you