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  1. Hi:

    I use MajorGeeks for just about ALL my downloads. Never had a problem. Will continue to use it. It is a very trustworthy site. It is the first site I go to if I'm looking for a particular type of software etc.

    Good luck Marty, hope you get your computer up and running clean.

    Barb B)

    Ditto here..should we be wary of "Majorgeeks"?, ..na I don't think so. They are my primary choice of downloads. I respect the fact that they responded to this thread.

  2. Terms Of Service:

    Objectionable Content

    The opinions and views expressed by other users of the Service or content providers do not necessarily reflect those of GIANT Company. You waive any claim resulting from your exposure to material on the Service that is offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable. You must be at least 18 to view adult-oriented areas of the Service.

    Why would an anti-spyware company need this disclaimer? are they affiliated with porn sites?

    My opinion thus far of this product by association from thier website has been that something is not right...."


    Or they just like swearing.. :P either way.. that should NOT be in an EULA. I gave it a shot.. pretty much same results as njustice (passport and geocities flagged) and some false positives. It also finds imesh.. (so does pestpatrol... connection??). And now that Microsoft bought it.. i think i'll keep my ducky hands off.

    Well theres MY 2 cents :)

    Thats all the approval I need..Always Firefox....never IE

  3. Welcome to all the new members. Please post as often as you can. I love it here! heeehehe... late night posting, i love it. Well as for me, I have been posting at Tom Coyote(in the classroom), not so much as want to here, because I do have a restuarant to manage. Hahaha

  4. nahhh you don't need a computer fan. you have me.

    (walks to olmec36s computer and proceeds to blow into the back of the tower)

    AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa .... OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo ....

    AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa .... OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo ....

    AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa .... OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo ....

    (falls on floor out cold )

    Whoa..... :blink:

    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions.

  5. I just bit the bullet and started to give them away at G4. At this point the whole Gmail thing is pretty stale. Everyone I know has them, oh well. 7 invites to go, it should be filled by more invites by tommorrow again.

  6. Hello everyone. Well, I have been upgrading my computer, new power supply, monitor, XP SP2, other things to come. I have one little 12 v fan that makes a whirring noise at boot up, then returns to normal. I have cleaned out all the dust in computer case and the fan with compressed air.My question is what, if any lubricants, are recommended to help lubricate fans. I also have no problem replacing the fan with a new one, but just wanted to find out any recommendations that could maybe solve the problem. Thanks


  7. Well I am finally back online, after random crashes, I would only check the site,did get to post twice at TC forums.My power supply crapped out on me, so with funds finally available, I purchased a new PS, an Antec true power, man this thing is quiet! So I am back in business, new monitor too!!

  8. Hi all, little bit about me.

    single male

    San Francisco, Ca.

    into PC's,games, sci-fi, comics,spend a lot of time on the internet ,I also spend time on a food forum.Since I work in the restaurant industry, I like cooking all types of food and wine.

    Joined TechTv boards a while back when I was building a computer, and came across the site for some information. Really liked what was being posted,information,ease of navigation, quality citizens, and thus joined my first online community. Migrated to the G4 boards, but quickly became disallusioned, rather than post nonsense of how the boards suck, I just stopped posting there. Needless to say,I came along and joined this great forum.

  9. ...and not even a single THANK YOU! Its a word that is seen less nowadays when you help out, simply amazing.

    Hey olmec36, don't be too hard on them. Don't you realize how hard it is to type those 8 letters (9 counting the space)? LOL

    Ya, your right, I should'nt be to hard on them, it is a difficult response. I think all the energy was being spent on clicking the gmail link before anyone else. But, the judges would have also accepted: thanks. HA

    Well, they also have other things to worry about. Just my luck again, I went to the G4 boards, and some guy is trolling and spamming with some seriously disgusting pics going on 1 1/2 hours, post after post.I do feel bad for the few that actually enjoy the boards there late at night, seems thats when stuff like that happens. Oh well, hopefully a mod will take care of that, no one really deserves to have their enjoyment ruined.

  10. Do you ever feel when you do go to the Screen savers board, its like wading through a swamp or mudd. Really difficult,too many obstacles, dodging shrapnel, to really justify visiting there. I did post some Gmail invites, since I could not get rid of them(send a few out, gets refilled later), and not even a single THANK YOU! Its a word that is seen less nowadays when you help out, simply amazing. Oh well, we do have these boards, were you feel at ease and comfortable. It is true that the members do make the boards, and we have some really good people here.

  11. Bring on the Saints, hopefully the 49ers will do better.


    What are your favorite teams, if you have any?

    go SFGiants!

    Being from louisiana I might have taken offense,if I didn't feel the same way.

    Go Cheese Heads

    Jack'ville Jaquars


    any one but DallASS.


    Ya, I have fun when the 49ers play the Saints. My brother-inlaw is from Baton-Rouge, he and his family are huge Saints fan. So we have fun when they play against each other. All good fun.

    JSKY THAT is the funniest thing I have seen today, HAHAHa. Spilled my COFFEE!!