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  1. Well before that code you told me. What it does now is bounces off the walls all four sides and paddeles as well. I am looking for a scorecborad idk how to do and to make it like when the ball hits the wall the other player gets a point and then you add one to the score.
  2. I have microsoft visual studios . net 2003 edition for c# and I am wondering really i will post the code here like how to like make a scoreboard out of this really. I got the paddles to work make it bounce off of them but now I need them to like make it like a game. I mean is for it to score if one paddles go over the ither here is the code hopefully someone will help. using System; using System.Drawing; using System.Collections; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Data; namespace Keyboard { /// <summary> /// Summary description for Form1. /// </summa
  3. I am still bad at this can you please try to do it for me and stuff please it is due tommorrow i really need to finish this thank you.
  4. Yeah I have the star picture but I really dont know how to do the rest really can please someone like do it fast or something please. Thanks.
  5. I have microsoft visual studio .net 2003 C# version. I need big help with like a program if anyone can do this for me that would be wonder but you dont if you could I would appreciate it. I have to like make a program that can add averages up like 90 85 95 and press add to the rich text box and then press the calculate button and then it will make a average and a star will come up next to it. I have a picture of what it should look like This is a picture of what it show look like. I want it too like put in a number and it goes to the r