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  1. Wow - RIP Still remember Sultan reading my HijackThis log on the long-gone TechTV forums
  2. First time its happened to me so its a little strange but oh well at least all is well now. I wonder what it is that makes them fail...
  3. *crickets* I flashed the bios, still nothing. Finally just bought a new PCI network card, installed that and disabled the onboard one and things seem to be functioning normally in case anyone is having the same problem. Happy new year folks.
  4. Hello all, I've run into a weird problem that I can't seem to crack. On my roommates computer (Windows 7), pinging my router or google will give an intermittent timeout or two for every string of 4 or 5 successful pings. It does not occur on my computer or on any other one on the network (4 in total). I tried swapping out the router, problem persisted. I tried swapping out the cable, problem persisted. I tried updating the drivers for the chipset/motherboard and its still ongoing. I tried a malware scan and nothing was found. Wondering if i've missed anything other than buying a new net
  5. Thanks for the bday wishes everyone, I had a nice few relaxing days without internet or any obligations
  6. I wish I could even have a quarter of Leno's collection, heck just give me access to it for a few days haha
  7. Thank You! I have the day off and actually just went to Ribfest in Toronto and feel like i'm going to explode now from all the goodness
  8. Good thing you found it. Sometimes things on the Mac are too simple I find. You can either single click on the name or just select the file and hit enter to rename it.
  9. Liz, Check with the school if they provide an eMusic subscription in addition to Ruckus. Many schools do this and eMusic is available to the Mac and Linux users. Cherokee, you don't need to use an anti-virus. The OS is fairly bulletproof and anything that goes wrong will either be a direct result of user error (typing your admin password in to install something that isn't on the up and up) or a faulty application. You can try iTunes for the playlists however i'll see if I can come up with some sort of alternative. Welcome to the Mac world.
  10. That isn't too great of an idea due to the small size of the HD compared to your actual main hard drive in your laptop or desktop Mac. I would pick up a minimum 250GB external drive (they aren't too expensive nowadays and can be had on sale for under 100$ definitely if you look around)
  11. Same here, I got a book of Calvin & Hobbes comics when I was younger and I still treasure it. I've wanted to pick up the collection but sadly I don't have the cash for it right now.
  12. I think that first you'll have to decide whether you want true portability with a laptop or if you want a beast of a machine that will sit at home. If you can live with no portability you should get the Mac Pro IMO just because of the ease of upgradeability however the iMac is also a great machine. Decide what you'll primarily be using the computer for because that will make it easier to make a decision.
  13. Honestly i'm not very old and I remember growing up with hardly any TV watching, and beign outside all day without my parents calling me on a cell phone every 10 minutes to make sure I was "okay" like what happens nowadays with some kids. I remember having a great time and even getting hurt sometimes but that always resulted in a learning experience rather than a lawsuit, accidents were accidents and not a matter for the courts to get involved in. These days kids live in bubbles and are plopped down in front of "big comfy couch" or whatever passes for cartoons nowadays (I don't EVER see the ro
  14. Some birth certificates don't list the time. I wasn't born here in Canada and my birth certificate was typed out with a typewriter on official looking paper haha. My parents just told me the approx. time.
  15. Have you tried iFixIt? They've had the parts i've needed but I haven't checked yet to see if they have a full complement of parts for the desktops too.
  16. Congrats on the upgrade! You reminded me that i've been meaning to build a new work computer for my dad in the next few months. I think i'll wait for the Christmas sales and pick up some parts.
  17. Haha i've seen this and a few other videos proving "man vs. wild" to be quite not as hardcore as it seems it is. Survivor man is more interesting too regardless of whether or not it is "fake".
  18. Thanks Everyone I think its time for some birthday breakfast today
  19. The only reason it is so expensive is that it is a multi-touch interface. If you have a lot of music and want to keep it with you at all times then the iPod touch is definitely not for you. The classic is your best bet and for the money and space the prices on it have come down since last gen. The touch is for people who do not need to have their whole collection with them or who think that having wi-fi and a touch interface is worth more to them than a lot of space especially if developers gte some apps from the iPhone ported over to the touch itself. I just think it is a little ironic that y
  20. Marty, I lost my count too however I suppose it doesn't matter much. I rarely post there at all anymore and when I do get the time between school and work i'd much rather post here on BT or an automotive forum.
  21. The 16GB one costs $399. B Make sure to bask in the multi-touch goodness while its still fresh haha.
  22. Congrats, I was toying with the idea of picking one up but I just paid for tuition and that would relegate me to the 8GB one. I think i'm going to hold off until my 4G iPod bites the dust or a price drop hits before picking up a touch and maybe just get a refurb. shuffle for the gym in the meantime. Let us know when you get it!
  23. Now that its back up I like their new forum software even less. No matter, i've only been passing by there once in a while anyways.
  24. This happened here in Ontario a month or so ago. It was impossible to get gas and when you could it was over $1.20 /litre for the cheap stuff!