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  1. i bought jeff's ipod touch, so now i have an extra mp3 player, its a creative zen 4gb, one of these: the screen is a little smudged and scratched, but is still beautiful and big. i'll include the 4gb SD card too, all for $40 plus shipping. no software, but you can download that, just the unit, usb cord and headphones. Approved by Besttechie
  2. yeah, i've pretty much used opera exclusively for about 5 years
  3. not compatable with opera yet, pisses me off, i have firefox i just hate using inferior browsers
  4. i have it, unfortunately i can't get a local number where i am, but thats just a minor inconveince to me. i like, altho the quality does get really bad sometimes
  5. Opera rocks, i'm currently using 8.51, i've used it for something like 5 years, i know what you mean when you say you've used IE so long its hard to get used to anything else, i'm the same way about opera, i don't like Firefox, mostly because its not Opera-ish enough